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Let's work together together to promote positive change and respect within your organizations and schools.

Fostering Belonging: Cultivating Supportive Environments
Training and Workshop

Let's foster an environment where all feel supported and valued. As professionals, students, family members, and friends, it's important to assess how we show up for all community members. Your conversations, your understanding, and your allyship is important now more than ever. But understanding why it's important means understanding today's diverse voices and issues. ​In this training and workshop, Eboné facilitates a customized workshop, tailored specifically to your organization's needs. Through collaborative discussion and engaging activities, participants will identify various forms of support, belonging and allyship while discovering strategies that promote respectful and meaningful conversations.​This hands-on training and workshop is an opportunity to gain more insight, feel empowered to share your perspectives, and work together as an inclusive community.

Nurturing inclusive communities through anti-bullying education

How would it look if your entire school was committed to belonging, inclusivity and anti-bullying?


In collaboration with SimplyLead LLC, this interactive and immersive workshop, we aim to help your school create an empowered community. Facilitators will guide students and staff through a series of dynamic activities and conversations designed to foster genuine connections, ignite inspiration, and provide practical training. By embracing the principles discussed in the workshop, your school can thrive as an empowered community dedicated to making a meaningful impact.

This workshop can be facilitated for 6th-12th grade students and their teachers. Together, we'll empower you to create a culture of respect, and pave the way for new generations to thrive in an environment that celebrates belonging.

Thriving Together Anti-Bullying Series

"The Thriving Together series made a lasting impact on our community and students!" 

-C. Cheung, Director of Partnerships and Programs

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